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Community Projects

School Training Programs in conjunction with the Queensland Police

Since 1993 I have been involved with the Caboolture PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club) in Queensland. For 10 years I have worked with Sargent R. Clark from Redcliffe Police conducting training Programs for Women's Self Defense as well as training programs with some of the local high schools.

The Women's Self Defense Program can be tailored to suit individual needs. Anything from a 2 hour introductory talk to a 2 day course. These programs are designed to help with self confidence and self esteem as well as with Conflict Resolution techniques.

During 2000 to 2003 and with funding from the Queensland Police, we were able to conduct a further three ten week training programs for the local schools, Caboolture State High School and Clontaff State High.

All the programs were highly successful with excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Over the years I have assisted with many other organisation, offering integrated training components to assist with personal development, conflict resolution and helping to improve self confidence and self esteem. Some of the other areas that I have been involved with are;
  • Redcliffe Council volunteer workers programs
  • High School Personal Development Courses
  • High School Sports Programs
  • Police volunteer safety programs
Redcliffe Council & Community

During December 2003 and December 2004 we conducted three training programs at the Redcliffe library for local patrons as well as some of the local volunteer workers within the area.

December 2003 - Redcliffe Library
redcliffe1.jpg redcliffe2.jpg redcliffe3.jpg
redcliffe4.jpg redcliffe5.jpg redcliffe6.jpg

May 2004 - Redcliffe Open Day at the Cultural Centre
redcliffe7.jpg redcliffe8.jpg redcliffe9.jpg
redcliffe10.jpg redcliffe11.jpg redcliffe12.jpg

October 2004 - Redcliffe Library
redcliffe13.jpg redcliffe14.jpg redcliffe15.jpg
redcliffe16.jpg redcliffe17.jpg redcliffe18.jpg

The Eco Lodge - Women's Yoga Retreat - Oct 2008
eco1.jpg eco2.jpg eco3.jpg
eco4.jpg eco5.jpg eco6.jpg