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Dojo Downloads

These open are to assist Ki Aikido students with their training and gradings. These are free to download and use for your benefit, if you have found these have assisted you in any way, feedback on our testimonials page would be appreciated.

Aikido & Dojo Class Video's

icon How to tie your Belt - NEW! (Download)
This show two different ways on how you can tye your belt as well as seeing from your own perspective.
File size 23 Mb - Time: 2.30 mins
icon Blue Belt grading - Setsudo Dojo Nov 2009
(Download 1 - 90 Mb)
(Download 2 - 99 Mb)
Over two separate nights we had 6 students grade to 2nd kyu (blue belt). This video captures some of those moments.
icon Interview with O'Sensei (Download)
Old black & white footage of an interview with O'Sensei and Terry Dobson. Run time 2 min 50 sec File size 10 Mb
icon Tohei Sensei (Download)
Early silent black & white footage of Tohei sensei training outdoors Run time 2 min 25 sec File size 41 Mb
icon Aikido - Power & Basics (Download)
This short footage is from Yamada sensei demonstrating a few aikido techniques while the commentary gives a brief explanation about aikido. Run time 1 min 27 secs. File size 32 Mb


icon 2007 Taigi Arts Evaluation Criteria (Open / Download)
This is a copy of the Japanese examiners evaluation criteria for Dan gradings in 1996 Taigi arts competition.
icon 5th Kyu to Shodan Grading Outline (Open / Download)
This outline is in a printable page format for each kyu grade from 5th to Shodan. It shows on each page what is required for each kyu grade including the Ki grades shokyu, chukyu & jokyu.
icon Shokushu - 22 Sayings (Open / Download)
The 22 Ki sayings from Koichi Tohei (Ki Society) are written both in English and Japanese.
icon 53 Ki Sayings (Open / Download)
Here are all 53 Ki sayings from Koichi Tohei (Ki Society) including the original 22 Ki sayings .
icon Taigi Arts/Grading Syllabus 2009 (Open / Download)
This grading booklet is in an A5 format but can be printed out in A4 and folded in two. This booklet is freely available to any who wish to use this outline.


icon Taigi Arts Student Workbook (Open / Download)
This workbook lists the 31 taigi arts and then relists them with blanks spaces between each technique to allow you to write in write in your own notes.
icon How to fold and wear the Hakama (Open / Download)
This document uses diagrams to show how to put on your Hakama and also gives a one page diagram on how to fold it.
icon 10 Steps on how to fold the Hakama (Open / Download)
This shows in 10 easy steps how to fold your Hakama.
icon Breathing Exercise 1 - 10 minutes (Open / Download)
This a 10 minute exercise using the sound of a bell. The first minute is at 10 second intervals for inhalation & exhalation. The next 2 minutes are at 12.5 second intervals, the next 4 minutes are at 15 second intervals and the last 3 minutes are at 20 seconds intervals for inhalation and exhalation.

Weapons / Training Sticks

icon Caring for your weapons (Open / Download)
This sheet is a guide for the care and preparation of your new weapons. It will keep them in good condition to last for many years.
icon How to make your own bokken (Open / Download)
This is four page document outline a method for you to make your own bokken.
icon Dimension to making a Bokken (Open / Download)
This is four page document showing in a diagram the dimensions for you to make your own bokken.

Class Information

icon AAKS Dojo Guidelines (Open / Download)
The Australian Aikido Ki Society (AAKS) Dojo Guidelines is for our students to read and become familiar with and understand dojo policy.
icon Caboolture PCYC Application Form (Open / Download)
New students wishing to continue training in either the children's or adult's classes, after thier inital trial period will be required to join the PCYC.
icon A List of just some of the 5 Principles (Open / Download)
These are just a few of the 5 principles from Tohei Sensei, such as Bokken, Jo, Mind & Body, 5 Principles of Aikido and for Childrens classes.


icon Business Training Programs (Open / Download)
This is the Business Training outline of this website for you to use in a printer friendly format. It outlines general information about the business training programs.

Kiai Newletters - June 1998 - Jan 2000

The following newsletters were published back in the late 1990's for the Australian Aikido Ki Society. Unfortunately it only lasted for a few years, but during that time we had may of the students and dojo's participate with stories and information about themelves and their dojos.

Please feel free to read and/or download any or all of these copies. Remember feel free to leave any feedback on my comments page :)

icon Kiai Newsletter #1 - Jun-Jul '98. (Open / Download)
The first issue of the new 'Kiai Newsletter 'published - June 1998.
icon Kiai Newsletter #2 - Aug-Sept 98. (Open / Download)
Second issue published - August 1998.
icon Kiai Newsletter #3 - Oct-Dec '98- . (Open / Download)
Third issue published - October 1998.
icon Kiai Newsletter #4 - Jan-Apr '99. (Open / Download)
Fourth issue published - January 1999.
icon Kiai Newsletter #5 - May-Jul '99. (Open / Download)
Fifth issue published - May 1999.
icon Kiai Newsletter #6 - Aug-Oct '99. (Open / Download)
Sixth issue published - August 1999.
icon Kiai Newsletter #7 - Nov-Jan '00. (Open / Download)
Seventh and last issue published - November 1999.

E-Books in pdf

icon Sun Tzu-The Art of War (Open / Download)
The Book of Five Rings (Open / Download)


If you cannot open the PDF files click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.