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Items For Sale

All these items are available through the dojo.
If you require something not listed here please contact the Head Dojo Instructor or Sensei and they will try to get what it is your are looking for.

NB: All prices are only a guide line. Purchase price may also vary from location to location depending on freight charges. Please discuss any purchases and pricing with your sensei.

Uniforms / Gi's

Single Weave Judo Gi - Adults - $85.00
Kids Cross over Gi's - $55.00
Hakama's (Black) Sizes 24/small - 26/medium - 28/large - $ POA

Weapons / Training Sticks

Wooden Bokken (Red Oak) - 100cm - $45.00
Wooden Bokken (White Oak) - 100cm - $ P.O.A.
Wooden Jo - Adults - $25.00
Wooden Jo - Kids - $15.00
Wooden Tanto (knife) - $20.00


image Ki Aikido: A Journey into the Self

A guide to Ki Aikido principles, philosophy, etiquette and daily life.
320 page soft cover A4 size book - 900 grams
Price $55.00 AUS + P & H

Written as a student guide for aikido students. It discusses areas of training, exercises and techniques as well as some of the different aspects of the Japanese culture giving the student a broader appreciation of the art.

The training aspects and principles focus on the teachings of Koichi Tohei Sensei, the Founder of Ki Society International. This book allows the beginner to have some insights of the training and philosophy about the art. It does cover areas of instruction but is not designed as a training manual, but rather a guide to assist students in deepening their understanding of the aikido.

imageAustralian Aikido Ki Society Student Handbook

223 page soft cover A5 size book
Price $30.00 AUS + P & H

This student guide book discusses training, techniques, etiquette, exercises, weapons, ki principles, gradings as well as some of the history and philosophy of the aikido martial arts.

For any student beginning their training. This book outlines everything you need to know about the basis and etiquette of the dojo. Highly Recommended.

imageKi Sayings by Koichi Tohei

53 page soft cover A6 size book
Price $10.00 AUS + P & H

This little booklet has the 21 main ki sayings plus 32 others.

Video's / DVD's

Ki Aikido Seminars in Australia (1997 to 2001)

May 1997 William Reed Sensei 2 DVD's 5 h 47 m
May 1999 William Reed Sensei 2 DVD's
7 h 40 m
Sept 1997 Tamura & O'Hara Sensei 1 DVD
2 h 46 m
June 1998 Nonaka Sensei 2 DVD's
6 h 56 m
Sept 2000 Kataoka Sensei 3 DVD's
13 h 50 m
Sept 2001 Kataoka Sensei 3 DVD's 13 h 55 m $65.00