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What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist - The spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation. The term zeitgeist is from German Zeit - 'time' (cognate with English tide and "time") and Geist- 'spirit' (cognate with English ghost, without being really translatable into English - this is why the German term is used).

Zeitgeist is "the spirit of the times" or "the spirit of the age." (1) Zeitgeist is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, sociocultural direction or mood of an era.
Definition from Wikipedia

Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007)

Zeitgeist 2: Addendum (Full Movie)

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)

"If you do what you have always done...
you get what you have always got!"

"Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside".
~ Unknown.

"Insantity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting change".
~ Albert Einstein.

"The problems of today cannot be solved with the same mind that created them".
~ Albert Einstein.

Learning to think differently about who we are and what we do is certainly one way to help initiate change into the world. But change is happening all around us all the time, some are clearly visiable thus, making it easier to accept. There is also those things around us which we cannot see that have the greatest influence in how we live, think and act.

Zeitgeist as well as the Venus Project show about people who think differently but on a global scale.

The Venus Project.


Jacque Fresco, designer of the Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. There are many people today who are concerned with the serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the Earth's ecosystems.


The Venus Project is dedicated to confronting all of these problems by actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions. Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can offer directly to the social system, The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

Visit the Venus Project Homepage.


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